• added FTraversal which is a the converter for a traversal + graph = result, a traversal.withGraph(graph) has to following options: ‘headF’, ‘headOptionF’, ‘toListF’, ‘toSetF’, ‘map’ and ‘flatMap’. Where ‘F’ stands for the monad function F[_] from the FTraversal instance. When there is a synchronous guide in scope there will also be flat result functions: ‘head’, ‘headOption’, ‘toList’ and ‘toSet’
  • added Head- and Last-steps which allow for limiting the results of a (partial-)traversal. Result types are depending on the position of using these steps in the traversal. (e.g. will result in a Map[List[Ontology], List[Node]] while will result in a Map[Ontology, List[Node]])

  • breaking refactoring!
  • new Guide (traversal-engine interface) and default implementation StandardGuide
  • new Assistent (assertion-engine interface) and default implementation DefaultAssistent

  • Predicate logic is now pluggable (e.g. one can implement custom geo-assertions)

  • for easy access to Traversal, P, Property.default (Label.P), DataType.default (Label.D):
  • import lspace._


  • Added thread-safety to MemGraph and LGraph. Graphs can be modified from multiple threads at once.
  • Implemented Cassandra storage-layer